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. Isern Patentes y Marcas is one of Europe’s leading Intellectual Property firms with over 85 years of experience in Patent and Trademark protection. With headquarters in Barcelona and 11 regional offices, Isern has a highly international staff with over 120 employees of 10 different nationalities.

Isern’s Patent Department has a highly experienced and technically skilled in-house staff of technical specialists, translators and attorneys.

The department has specific technical expertise in mechanical, telecommunication IT,  biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacy and genetics, and highly specialized translators including experts specially selected to meet the exacting translation needs of  our clients.

The department also uses the latest software tools and has the analytical skills to use these tools to optimum effect.

Our philosophy is  driven by the principles of providing  professional relationship with a personal treatment, as the alternative to  impersonal platforms. High professional standards in our work can only be met by highly qualified staff. We perfectly know that behind each order there is a person to be valued and we are responsive to take special care.

This doesn’t mean higher costs or inefficiency, just the contrary it means effectiveness in the management. We don’t cease to improve  and we are responsive to the needs of each client providing counsel and advice , what allows us to be more flexible, more human and give the best of us for finding solutions. Our continuous attention enables us to gain insight into the person to establish an excellent communication and thorough understanding of our clients objectives, seeking always solutions tailored to their needs. Briefly we offer efficiency, quality, personal treatment and competitive prices.





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1.Upon receiving a request from the client for ratifying European Patents in Spain and in Portugal, once we have the NUMBER OF THE PATENT

No further documentation is needed.

We only require the application or publication number and the signed Power of Attorney. We guarantee quick response to all orders with confirmation of receipt sent out the same working day for orders received during office hours. Similarly, if the patent deals with a B2 or any other posterior publication, it is sufficient to indicate this information in the order letter.

2. The client is always clearly informed of the necessary documentation and formal requirements for all filings at the time we confirm receipt of instructions. Our department contains the necessary expertise to foresee all potential requirements. Similarly throughout the process you are always are always informed in a clear and timely manner of any office actions or other requirements arising.

3. For tight deadlines we will advise immediately. We have the ability to react rapidly to late filing requests with a minimum of 24 hours warning for Spain and  48 hours for Portugal, and where the deadline is not possible we will file the necessary deadline extension, at no extra charge . In any case, we ensure rapid response to requests from the client and always within any deadlines set by the client. Where requested actions are not possible or delay cannot be avoided, the client is always informed immediately.

4. We enter the EP in our surveillance system in order to monitor the grant of the European Patent and publication of the B1., we maintain the highest possible level of control using the most reliable software available.

5. In case the patent deals with a B2 or any other posterior publication, we need this information in the order letter.

6. As soon as the grant of the patent is published, we immediately obtain a copy of the document B for its translation. (you do not need to send us anything more).

  • Translation is carried out by one of our highly specialized team of translators, carefully selected according to the subject matter and source language of the patent.

  • Once completed, translations are doubly checked.

  • Finally one third linguistic control of the title and claims is done by native speakers of the original language but also fluent Spanish speakers.

  • Translations are maintained on file in electronic format to allow future access at any time by the applicant.

7. The validation documents are prepared and filed in due time, and the client is advised that filing has taken place. Subsequently the invoice is issued and the official receipts are enclosed.

  • The invoice clearly discloses official fees, expenses and professional fees.

  • Once filed, the patent validation is monitored and, as soon as the publication in the Spanish Official Gazette occurs, the client is informed about the publication number of the validation in Spain, and a copy of the T3 document with publication of the patent is forwarded to the client at no charge as soon as it is made available by the Patent Office, if the client wishes  the T3 document can be forwarded by email to avoid delays.

  • If the client has requested that we take responsibility for the payment of fees, we send timely reminders before the respective expiry dates, in case you uses an external system for the payments, but any notification that we receive from Spanish Patent Office regarding the non payment in term, we will send without cost .

8. All records relating to patent validations are stored in double copy, in both electronic and paper files to safeguard against system problems. Multiple security copies of all electronic records are kept both on and off site to ensure absolute security of all records.

  • Our monitoring system provides timely warning of all deadlines enabling client to be informed and take decisions well in advance of any necessary actions.  If we receive no response from the client to our warning communications we continue to communicate this warning through all possible channels until an answer is received from the client.

  • If there is any doubt we always apply for a deadline extension.

Contact:  Jorge Isern - WWW. ISERN.COM




We perfectly know the importance of the the quality of the translation of the Patent for avoid  problems or defense your rights in possible future conflicts.

The document represent the last step of a huge effort of the clients  to recover all the investment made in I+D and the legal requirement  for exploiting the invention.

It’s a “must” of our firm to  give a MAXIMUM QUALITY service, using the best professionals with experience in your field.

Spanish translation methodology:

  • As soon we receive the PATENT,  the document is translated by one IP technical specialist with experience in the field

  • After there follows a  quick revision of the translation by a second technical.

  • Finally  one linguistic translator revises the title and the claims of the patent.


Portuguese translation methodology:

  • As soon we receive the PATENT,  the document is translated by one IP technical specialist with experience in the field.

  • A revision of the translation is done by Patent specialist.

Contact:  Jorge Isern - WWW. ISERN.COM



PATENT VALIDATION – Official Fees and cost

Official fees:


Validation in Spain of a European Patent


Official fees**


1. Preparing and filing in Spain of granted European Patents

- Official Publication fees (up to 22 pages)

- Official fees more than 22 pages (each page)



272,79 €

10,97 €

* In case we are provided with the EPO 2544 Form within nine months of the publication of the grant of the European patent in the European Patent Bulletin.
** Very exceptionally, Official publication fees of 311,49 Euros / 12,51 Euros may be applied when the translation is filed on paper only, in those rare cases, when it is impossible to file the translation on magnetic support also.


Validation in Portugal of a European Patent


Official fees*


1. Preparing and filing in Portugal of granted European Patents


52,12 €

* Very exceptionally, Official publication fees of 100 Euros may be applied when the translation is filed on paper only, in those rare cases, when it is impossible to file the translation on magnetic support also

Professional fees and translation cost:  we can send you a TOTAL COST budget in 24 hours with the best rate adapting to requirements client, volume discounts, …etc,  please ask us,


Contact:  Jorge Isern - WWW. ISERN.COM